Weekly Events

Trivia Night

Tuesday – 7:00PM

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Membership Draw & Raffles

Tuesday – 7:15PM
Friday – 7:30PM
Sunday – 1:00PM

Barefoot Bowls

All Day
Any Day

Karaoke Saturday

Saturday – 5:30PM to 9:30PM


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Other Services We Offer

UBET Self-Serve Kiosks are placed in the UBET lounge for members to easily bet on their desired sport along with a Full HD TV for the best viewing experience.
Keno is a game played approximately every 3 minutes. 20 numbers are drawn from the 80 available numbers on the Keno display screen. The Keno display screens are placed all throughout the club.
Lawn bowls is a low-impact, therapeutic exercise that can improve fitness, coordination and confidence. We also provide lessons to develop adequate skills and technique. Try it out and have a chance to play with the Salisbury Magpies!
We have a wide range of poker machines you can choose from. You can also grab a meal and a drink down in the gaming lounge with friends in an air-conditioned space.